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Sunday, 2nd April 2017, 1:00pm2:30pm

Youth Engagement League Awards Ceremony

Why football is the best game in the world

Football has the power to change things for the better - it is not just a game - it can bring people together and that is why it is the best game in the world.

Jack, Livingston YEL player

Our second stop of the Trusted Trophy Tour took us to Glasgow's Hampden Park where the focus was on the Erasmus funded Youth Engagement League (YEL) project.

The project is set up in the professional football set-up, with games against the other teams and training but with the added social aspect of each club having to chose a community project close to their heart.

Across Europe, six countries have taken part in the YEL project and Scotland has delivered an outstanding programme.

The project ran for ten weeks, and in Scotland four clubs took part: Celtic, Clyde, Motherwell & Livingston. Each club played six games played during the programme and points were awarded for game wins but also fair-play and community work. This emphasis is on showing young people how to work as a team, both on and off the pitch.

The event at Hampden was to highlight the end of the 10 week project with an award ceremony and presentation of each club's community work for the project.

Common for all was the focus placed on teaching the kids about bullying in all its form and how to deal with it. Healthy nutrition was also a key subject, and some of the clubs chose to focus on food-banks.

Ultimately the children learned about community, social responsibility and healthy eating.

It teaches them so much about team spirit and how to work together. It is such a great programme.

Karen Rankin (mum of Sean, Celtic)

During the ceremony there were individual awards for Fair Play and best community champion, with a winner from each team. Celtic took home the football league award in the 9-11age group with Livingston winning the older group.

The big award for the most socially involved team went to Livingston and the West Lothian Foundation.Their community project involved getting the teams chef to cook a meal for residents in a care home where the kids then had to set the table, serve the food and clean the dishes and afterwards play games with the residents.

What we really like about the project is that is has to do with the community and not just football because it's taught them about bullying and healthy eating & fitness and mental health and it's just been really good.

Hazel McMartin (mum of Harry, Livingston)

The kids, their families and their coaches then had the chance to have their picture taken with the SPFL trophies before going on a private stadium tour of the National football stadium.

What we’ll see

Our visit to Hampden Park will focus on the SPFL Trust's Youth Engagement League (YEL) project.

This is a football competition played not only on the field but with the communities where the participants live.

Young people aged between 9 - 14 learn what it means to work as a team both ON and OFF the pitch to make their own neighbourhoods safer and more respectful places to be.

The Youth Engagement League Programme aims to:

  • Promote social integration and cohesion within the targeted neighbourhoods
  • Improve activity levels of young people and prevent obesity and other health related diseases
  • Improve the mental health and well-being of young people and other residents
  • Improve the behaviour of young people and prevent youth crime
  • Improve educational attainment and attendance and reduce the number of young people not in education, training or employment.

The programme has been designed to teach young people and their peer groups social values that can last a lifetime. It attempts to ensure they have an increased sense of pride in their own neighbourhood and access to opportunities that improve their physical health and well-being.

For the purposes of this project, each Club has two teams; 9-12 (mixed sex group) & 12-14 (single sex group). In total, there will be eight teams from four SPFL clubs - Celtic, Clyde, Livingston & Motherwell, delivering the programme over a 10 week period.

This project is funded by Erasmus.

On the day, the SPFL Trust will present each pupil with a medal during a special presentation event at Hampden Park. The winner of the league will be the team with the most social and football points combined.

Please note, that like all tour stops, this event is by invitation only. For more details on our tours visit our FAQs page.

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About the SPFL Trust

The SPFL Trust works in partnership with Scotland’s 42 professional clubs and external agencies to promote, support, fund and administer activities which help meet the identified social needs of the people of Scotland.

Our purpose is to use football’s unique presence to assist Scotland’s people to achieve their goals and improve their life chances.

Our vision is to work with SPFL clubs to use the unique power of football to engage with communities.

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